Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Oh What To Do?

World Record Hug

Did you know that 21st January is National Hugging Day? WTF I hear you say!! Doesn't it seem you can create a "day" for any whimsy that takes your fancy? This one however does lead to something potentially interesting...

At 7am on Thursday 19th January, a World Record Hug attempt shall take place at London's St Pancras Station. Sounds fun? You can still (just!) apply to take part, but choose your partner wisely. To break the record you're going to have to hug for over 24 hours and 34 minutes!

Dale Chihuly @ The Halcyon Gallery

Image courtesy of The Halcyon Gallery

I find the work of Chihuly incredibly inspiring. From his initial glass forms of which his mother daubed "The Uglies", Chihuly's sculptural works are now installed in hotels, galleries and institutions around the globe.

The Halcyon Gallery is currently showing a major exhibition of Chihuly's work and has also collated the artists sketches and paintings alongside the glass sculptures, so a visit will glimpse a true insight into the mind of this creative glass artist.
Halcyon Gallery, 144-146 New Bond St, London until 31st March 2012

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