Wednesday, 10 February 2010


Willowlamp has been around since 2005, but they are new to me and feel like a breath of fresh air! A testament I guess to the design duo Adam Hoets and Sian Elliot who formed the company and together create the beautiful lighting designs. Sian is also a jeweller, and I think you do see this in each piece as they truely feel like jewellery pieces for the home. They create light and warmth, but also make a real statement and hang as objects of beauty to be admired.

My favourite (at the moment!) is The Faraway Tree chandelier. The form from the outside is organic and unusual, then peep underneath and you see the true beauty of the design, showing the tree branches fanning out and dripping with metal. It would be just stunning at the top of a simple staircase.

Sunday, 31 January 2010

Herve van der Straeten - Modern, Luxury Craft

I've long admired the works of Herve van der Straeten, as they seem to me the most beautiful representation of luxury modern design embracing traditional craftsmanship and expertise.

What I find most exciting is that he continues to design such contemporary pieces, and yet they have an instant timelessness. This is true in both the furniture & lighting items and the stunning jewellery collections.

Furniture & lighting are available through Ralph Pucci International and jewellery from Blue Velvet Boutique, among others. For now though they will have to remain on the wish list...

Trumpeting in the New Year!

I know it's late, and I know there hasn't been a post since October, but am promising this - I will do better! So to get down to it....

I stumbled across the fantastic Gramophone Chandelier on the Leigh Harmer website and am just in love with the bold design! You look at it, and try to understand it, and then all you want is for it to burst into song!

The Gramaphone piece has been exclusively designed for Leigh Harmer by the talented Alex Randall. A browse through her website is like opening a box of hidden treasures, I could write pages but it's probably best if you just take a look for yourself...